AppleScript - Silent Running?

Peter Reid preid at
Thu Sep 22 15:16:26 EDT 2005

At 7:38 am -0700 22/9/2005, Jim Ault wrote:
>you are correct about the 'server'.. it was a headless client that fed data
>and processed reports for the office, running a FMkr client app.
>Applescript coordinated the email, web, FMkr, Excel, and Word apps to
>produce an integrated solution without regard to screen flashing and user
>Jim Ault

At 7:58 am -0700 22/9/2005, Jim Ault wrote:
>google > " applescript remote" >  a bunch of links, some rather old.
>'Tell' blocks can accept URLs in the 'machine' parameter, allowing
>AppleScript control of remote applications via TCP/IP as of OS 9 in Nov '99
>You can run a remote Applescript in Terminal
>Check out the 'osascript' shell command.
> [several topics]
>Controlling Your Mac with AppleScript and Java
>A tutorial on how to use AppleScript and Java together to automate your ...
>  the power of AppleScript to make a remote control center for any
>AppleScriptable apps
>Jim Ault

Thanks for the links, I'll do some digging around!


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