My first missing message: player Object

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Sep 18 19:57:30 EDT 2005

Recently, david bovill  wrote:

> Looked at everything I can think of - but keydown etc does not work
> for spacebar starting of players - so no work around i can think of?
> on rawKeyDown
>  answer the params
>  pass rawKeyDown
> end rawKeyDown
> At the stack level does not even get a chance - seems like the Player
> with the focus eats up the spacebar keydown!

Haven't tried the above recently, but one thing you might try is monitoring
the paused property of the player (false = playing, true = stopped).

You also might check with Trevor DeVore's EnhancedQT external.  He may have
added some facility in there to address your situation.


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