What's mdimport ?

Wouter wouter.abraham at scarlet.be
Fri Sep 16 04:37:42 EDT 2005


A bit OT but  a very simple way to turn spotlight off or rather  
prevent it from searching (and updating its database by mdimport) :
  - in the systemprefs --> spotlight --> Privacy
  - drag/add the volume(s), folders or files you don't want spotlight  
to search to that list

This is reversible very easily.


On 16 Sep 2005, at 05:02, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

>>> Can anyone tell me what mdimport is?  I'm using a Mac with OS X  
>>> and a
>>> utility called Activity Monitor to monitor my CPU usage, and  
>>> mdimport
>>> very often is in the 90% +  range.  What is this that is soaking  
>>> up  my
>>> CPU usage??
>> I think it's related to Spotlight.  The spike is probably while it's
>> indexing.
> Yes, it's Meta Data Import and is Spotlight doing it's indexing. I
> haven't had any trouble with it but one of my colleagues has. Getting
> more RAM helped (as it always does) but I think it might have been
> because he had some constantly changing folders containing thousands
> of text files.
>> Whether you use Spotlight or not, I know of no way to turn it off.
>> Welcome to Tiger.
> Here is a shareware utility to turn Spotlight off & on
> <http://www.fixamacsoftware.com/software/spot/index.html> but if you
> are comfortable using Terminal, you can do it yourself
> <http://rixstep.com/2/20050528,00.html> although this description
> doesn't tell you how to turn it back on again if you change your mind!
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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