[ANN] StackRunner 1.0.2

Marielle Lange rp011s7075 at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Sep 9 10:40:03 EDT 2005

Hi Jim,

I only triedthe stackrunner today. The stack runner is a great  
addition. Two things I spotted:

(1) The downloads size are in reality 4.9 for the dreamcard player  
and 1.3 for the stackrunner. The dreamcard player application is  
accompanied by a components directory which is 5.7 MB big.

(2) The stack runner will automatically start any application called  
main.rev in the same directory. This means that you can very easily  
distribute your stack to others, without having to explain anything.  
Just rename the stackrunner app to your program name. For instance,  
run_this.app. Then instruct any user to click twice on this file and  
the job is done. That's a lot lot easier to demo anything, distribute  
to students, or attract new users.

Many thanks for this, Ken! A great addition for the education commmunity

PS. Jim, your last "shapeline" stack is really nice, really nice.

> >http://www.sonsothunder.com/devres/revolution/downloads/ 
> StackRunner.htm
> Ken,
> Thanks for the Runner. I love the simplicity.
> I have had no occasion to use DreamCard so I'm not familiar with its
> limitations. (I can see occasions when I would prefer DreamCard--or
> StackRunner--to building an app. It would be most helpful working
> with a user during the development stages. Updates would consist only
> of the new stack without the need to continually carry the baggage of
> the full application.)
> But help me out a bit. StackRunner comes in at 3.6 megs, and
> DreamCard at 2.1 megs.
> What are the differences and when would one choose StackRunner and
> when DreamCard?
> Thanks again for all you do for the Rev community.
> Jim

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