[ANN] StackRunner 1.0

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Tue Sep 6 16:24:56 EDT 2005

On Sep 6, 2005, at 2:52 PM, Howard Bornstein wrote:

> Very nice. One thing you might consider is if a user plays a stack

-- but if & *only* if!

> fron the "answer file" dialog (i.e. not using main.rev or a config
> file), after the stack closes, put up the answer file dialog again, so
> the user can choose a different stack to run. Right now, if you open a
> stack this way and then close it, StackRunner stays open but you can't
> do anything in it. if you want to open another stack, you have to quit
> SR and then restart it.
> Otherwise, very clean and elegant! :-)

I agree-- it's a great boon for those of us using Dreamcard &  
publicizing stacks (not standalones).

Charles Hartman

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