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I heard that! Great idea. Workflow is the whole issue actually.

I have the same trouble remembering where stuff is. Get's very  
complicated when you have libraries, frontscripts, backscripts. BTW,  
there's a preference in Transcript Gadget that lets you set just how  
far it should go to find the handler you're calling or sending to-- 
whether to look in the frontscript, etc.

Scripts and properties in a tabbed editor!

On Oct 27, 2005, at 5:46 AM, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> Charles Hartman wrote:
>> I know this is going to sound like a *really* dumb question, if  
>> only  because it's so vague. But I'm wondering how people adjust  
>> their  workflow to the way Transcript's code is dispersed among  
>> many  separate scripts.
> It's a great question.
>> I keep getting lost. I keep forgetting where my code is that does   
>> such-and-such. (Which script was that in?) So I keep losing track  
>> of  what I was about to do next, and my concentration falls apart.  
>> It's  making Rev *much* slower for me to program in than  
>> supposedly more  complicated languages like Python and C++.
>> Anybody think this makes any sense? Any hints how to think about  
>> it  differently?
> I think it makes a lot of sense. After 0 years of HC and 15 months  
> or less of Rev, I've tried some of the things others have  
> suggested, and still not found a combination of them that works  
> well for me. I now have a few more to try ...
> I think the only thing I've tried (and liked) that hasn't been  
> mentioned was extending the naming convention (Hungarian-lite) to  
> cover handlers
>   c       prefix for card script handler
>   s       prefix for stack script handlers
>   lXyz  prefix for library scripts, in "library" Xyz.
> Note in this instance "library" could include any (other) stack  
> included by  "start using"
> I have to admit that I like the result of using these naming  
> conventions - but don't do it naturally when writing code, so I  
> often have to go back and revise code to bring it back "into line".
> But one mechanical aid is that in Constellation, while editing a  
> script, right-clicking on a handler name in the script does a  
> pretty good job of tracking that handler down wherever it is. This  
> was one of the features that caught my eye in the Constellation  
> description I read, and has indeed proven to be one of the many  
> things I like about using Constellation.
> I've sometimes found myself typing a handler name into a random  
> script, right-clicking on it, then removing the name from that  
> random script !!   I'm going to suggest to Jerry that he allow  
> something like right-clicking in the "find" text box to improve the  
> flow of this ....
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