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Dan Shafer revdan at
Tue Oct 25 20:43:53 CDT 2005

Are you using Rev 2.6.1? This bug (# 3021) was reported fixed in that  

But I must say that on OS X 10.4.2, it also fails to honor the path  
passed to it as a paramter. It seems to behave as the docs describe  
it should behave without a path argument being passed.

On Oct 25, 2005, at 5:24 PM, N Cueto wrote:

> According to the documentation on the "answer file"
> command, setting its "with defaultPath" parameter
> should cause the system's dialog box to list the
> specified folder's contents. This is however not
> working on my Win2K (Japanese) machine. Despite
> setting a default path -- which is stored in a
> global variable in the form, for example, of
> "C:/niconiko/Halloween/images" -- the file dialog
> box still opens up to the computer's root directory.
> Perhaps I've missed something?
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