2.6.1 QT audio bug

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Tue Oct 25 14:44:10 EDT 2005

Hi Peter,

> Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 10:54:01 -0500
> From: "Peter T. Evensen" <pevensen at siboneylg.com>
> Subject: 2.6.1 QT audio bug

> I am playing MP3 files
> (actually .swa file that have been renamed .mp3)

Just a side note: It may have nothing to do with why the file doesn't 
play, OTOH, it might, if 2.6.1 tries to fix a filetype/name extension 
matching problem.

AFAIK, changing a file's extension name does _not_ change the filetype. 
All you've done is cause a mismatch between filetype and file extension 
name. The system does not automatically convert filetypes because you 
rename them. The system and player should be looking at the file's 
header data and other metadata to see what type it actually is. Maybe 
2.6.1 is causing the player to conk out because of a mismatch. Just a 

If you want the files to actually become MP3 files, then I think you 
should do a _conversion_ to the filetype.

All the best,
Ken N.

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