Multilingual dialogues

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Tue Oct 25 13:33:21 EDT 2005

Here's my link to TAOO's language GUI manager article I just put up!

It's 4 scripts long, but there's far more in a new stack im building
for the purpose of GUI language translations. 

While the real "dialog" version is not there yet, there is already 
a few 1000 expressions in more than 20 languages ready to be used. 


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> David,
> >Had a go with the Profile Manager - but not managed to get 
> it to work 
> >reliably
> The problem I have with using the Profile Manager is, AFAIK, 
> there is no way for the user to add a new profile at runtime; 
> so you're stuck with the languages set up when the app ships. 
>  Updating menu & menuItem names, tool tips, dialog prompts, 
> error messages, etc. from a file, local or global variable 
> allows your app to be user-translatable -- not limited to 
> support for built in languages.
> BTW, I use icons with translatable tool tips in place of 
> label text fields.  I think it gives my apps a more 
> international feel.
> Also, it's fairly simple to design a translation stack that 
> opens a text file, displays the contents one line at a time 
> above an empty field where the translator can type the text 
> in another language, and saves the completed translation in a 
> new file.  This is much friendlier than telling the user, 
> "Use you text editor to translate the language file" me thinks.
> You might check out how Serendipity Library does it 
> (including the translation substack) 
> <>.  To do so:
> * Download sdbTools.rev and place it in the Revolution PlugIn folder
> * Download Serendipity_Library.rev and place it in the folder 
> you use for Revolution development & testing
> * Download Serendipity_Library.sga, and expand the archive 
> using sdbTools'  "Expand a Folder" menuItem under "File"
> * See the Read Me stacks in the archive folder
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