Text Adventure in Rev?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Mon Oct 24 12:02:39 EDT 2005

On 10/24/05 9:39 AM, "Alex Tweedly" <alex at tweedly.net> wrote:

> Advice: don't do it that way. Make it a scrollable text field, put your
> 36 lines into it, leave it positioned so the top of the field is visible
> - and then let the user scroll the field to read the rest of it when she
> is ready. The scrollbar will make it clear there is more there to be
> read - and nowadays everyone is familiar with scrollbars, and can choose
> the means they prefer (arrow key vs. page-down key vs click in scroll
> area vs scroll wheel vs ....) to scroll as they wish.

Well, if I remember adventure text games correctly, I think it would be more
like a console - i.e. text scrolls up, with the most recent entry at the
bottom, and the oldest at the top (scrolled out of view).

To do that, you would do something like this:

on AddToConsole pText
  if field "AdventureText" is empty then
    put pText into field "AdventureText"
    put CR & pText after field "AdventureText"
    put the formattedHeight of field "AdventureText" into tFHT
    put the height of field "AdventureText" into tHT
    set the scroll of field "AdventureText" to (tFHT - tHT)
  end if
end AddToConsole


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