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I am sure a Rev-based database is not as fast - but if the speed is good
enough, then it has the advantage of being written in transcript -
meaning Rev developers can make all sorts of modifications very easily.
I can see how this would be very useful.

And there are some things that Rev does that are really quite fast,
despite being scripted.

I guess it just depends on what you need.

I plan on buying Valentina, by the way, - it is what I want for my
Christmas present!

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> What motivates you to create such a beast for free? Surely it 
> took an enormous amount of work for you?
> How does serendipity compare on speed to database programs written in
> C++?


I don't know how he could seriously answer your question. Valentina 2 is
usually several multiples faster than other C/C++ based databases, so
like comparing a footrace with five different star ships, "system based"
faster-than-light versions.

If speed is a concern at all, anything that is not compiled to machine
isnt going to work for you. If all you are going to do is store a
records locally and you don't need lightning speed, just about anything
work for you. It just wont grow very fast.

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