strange issue

MisterX b.xavier at
Fri Oct 21 00:40:44 EDT 2005

I have this custom prop

put the xos["dragstack"] of this stack 

It tell TAOO whether a stack can be dragged on a mousedown event...

very handy...

but if I start checking this on one stack EditNO2 in the message box
if get all the error messages in the answer!

put the xos["dragstack"] of stack "editno2"

Handler: Running low on memory, script aborted
recursionLimit: Recursion limit reached
abs: error in source expression
accept: bad expression

if I put the script in a button it works - although the 
mousedown handler doesn’t!!!

If I debug the mousedown handler rev freezes...
If I debug the handler and do the put xos["dragstack"] 
show into the message, the xos["dragstack"] is empty!!!

im pretty sure that im selecting the right stack's cusom props.
Im sure the prop is there and it contains "true"...

can anyone explain this? 
This works fine in rr 2.5 but no more in 2.6.1...


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