debugging modal dlg boxes

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Mon Oct 17 12:38:29 EDT 2005


Monday, October 17, 2005, 5:07:43 AM, you wrote:

>> Unless you have put in some kind of escape route for debugging, you
>> are stuck. Modals just don't allow anything else to happen until  
>> they are dismissed.

> Ah, OK. The cost of the app (stack) and IDE not being distinct, for
> the sake of avoiding compilation. Hm.

...not exactly. That's just the way modal dialogs work.

> I got into a situation in which a dialog had to be modal, and what it
> did *as* modal was what I needed to debug . . . Which isn't exactly
> *why* I've abandoned that trial design for this app, but it does make
> me glad I did.

There *are* some times when modal dialogs are the best solution for a
given task, and I do use them for that, but I do what Jacque does and
only make them modal once I've gotten them debugged. It's a real pain
otherwise. Rethinking the design is usually a better idea, as you've

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