david bovill david at
Mon Oct 17 08:12:42 EDT 2005

On 17 Oct 2005, at 12:45, Marielle Lange wrote:

> Anybody to keep an eye on my wiki during that time

Sure I know TikiWiki pretty well by now - can you give me admin  
access so i can turn off those smileys :)

>> I did find this 
>> page=SoftwareRevolution, but felt that it wasn't quite what I was  
>> looking for.
> In what sense?
> These page are meant to serve exactly the same purpose  you propose.
> page=RevolutionSnippetTips
> page=ProgrammingXtalk
> page=TutorialsTeachers
> I agree, this is a bit burried down, there is too much content on  
> this wiki...
>> So, I've set up a wiki at .

Hmmm... three TikiWiki sites out there, and another wiki. Is it  
really necessary to set up another site - setting up is easy - 
maintenance another thing. Another example of the "revolutionary  
approach" to collaboration perhaps :) Could we not all work on the  
same wiki - said hopefully :)

NB - having some regular crashes with XML parsing in 2.6.1. For  
instance I can parse TikiWiki pages from, but  
testing on 
page=RevolutionSnippetTips appears to crash Rev.

Has anything changed?

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