Open source collaboration [WAS: Re: Rev vs. AJAX... Ajax vs TAOO]

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Oct 16 23:27:55 EDT 2005

Mark Wieder wrote:
> What I'm interested in, though, is opening up a path to a more
> granular approach to rev development. If you don't need to get more
> atomic than one stack-one developer then you're home free. But if
> you've got complex projects and need to have developers check out an
> object from a stack, work on it, and check it back in, then nobody
> else can work on that stack without the pain of merging objects.

Can you tell us a bit more about projects you've worked on where 
multiple team members needed to work on different controls in the same 
window at the same time?

This is different from my own, perhaps limited, experience, and any 
toolmakers would do well to try to understand as many workflow models as 

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