Open source collaboration [WAS: Re: Rev vs. AJAX... Ajax vs TAOO]

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Sat Oct 15 12:01:04 CDT 2005

My plugin HotKeyNO2 tracks ANY change to any control and provides a rollback
mechanism but I messed up in the memory subsystems requiring a rewrite...

Alas it taxes a lot the environment to watch it all... I have plans to make
it faster and less intrussive once other processes are in place - journaling
might be more interesting a mechanism to research? Incremental or block
updates are also planned for remote clients as well as macro-creation and
more. Not a big barrier...  

The more clients TAOO gets, the more this is going to be a necessity or yet
another set of features... 


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> On 10/14/05 7:03 PM, "Alex Tweedly" <alex at> wrote:
> > the lack of a RCS / CVS /
> > subversion equivalent makes multi-developer efforts so much 
> harder in 
> > Rev than in other languages that it just hasn't happened.
> I don't know much about CVS, so I am going to ask the dumb question.
> Why can't a CVS system be built for Rev?
> I am using Magic Carpet from Altuit and I like it a lot.  I 
> know that it's smallest "chunk" that you can check out is a 
> stack, but it is still cool.
> Couldn't something be built to deal with objects smaller then a stack?
> Perhaps you could check out scripts or pieces of scripts.  Or 
> buttons or cards.
> Maybe a good place to start with an open source community 
> project would be for to build a RevCVS.
> Am I crazy or what?
> I just know this.  I am new to Rev. and yet I am about to 
> release a product that my competitors can't touch, because I 
> can build it so much faster in Rev then they can with other 
> tools.  And I making extensive use of examples and example 
> stacks and plug-ins. (Thanks everyone  :>)  )
> BUT THAT SAID.  I can compete well in this little niche 
> because the scope is fairly small.  Even as fast as Rev is, 
> large complex projects are well...
> Large and complex...  The benefits of having  code management 
> system for those projects would be huge
> Cheers
> Todd
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