Rev vs. AJAX...Or Web-Aware Apps vs. Web Apps

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Sat Oct 15 12:31:56 EDT 2005

On 10/15/05 1:17 AM, "Scott Rossi" <scott at> wrote:

> IMO, the use of templates/themes is not an attempt to discourage thinking
> outside the box.  It is an attempt to illuminate the fact that there is, in
> fact, a box present, which has certain properties and rules, and one must
> learn the limitations of the box before one can learn to think outside it.
> What you may see as "dumbing down", others may see as education.

I agree. 'Defining what the box is' is a valuable first step.  Someone who
has a vague concept does not have a working tool.  I can't imagine beginning
architecture students who have no understanding of structures and functions
and failures since they has been surrounded by them all their life.
>From this basic understanding,  they can develop a working knowledge of
building design, then go beyond.

In the world of computers, using a collection of software to function
adequately in a business capacity is an end in its own.  No need/desire for
the user to go beyond and explore or maximize the experience.

I feel one of the huge drawbacks to most computer programs is that they are
so intricate and layered that the average user avoids the complexity and
uses less than 1% of its capability.  Frustration abounds in the workplace
for more than one reason, and computer systems that rapidly evolve are too
much of a challenge.  Simplification is oh so welcome.  One button = print
full glorious color with accurate margins and cartridges that cost $5...
requiring only 5 seconds of our time.

To think outside the box, one must know the box, or not care about the box.
Of course, the concept that "to think outside the box, one must become the
box" is whole 'nuther level of philosophy.

I am definitely in favor of templates.  I am in favor of allowing those who
want/need/are addicted to going beyond to have tremendous freedom to do so
and share with the world.  That could actually be one of the definitions of
this list.

Universities - love what they provide - ivory tower thinking and research
that will direct the future.  Business world - love the field of operation
that brings life to ideas and dreams, distributes them, and employs millions
of people.

And now back to one of the many boxes on my desk and in my head.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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