Rev vs. AJAX... Ajax vs TAOO [|Not so Short]

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sat Oct 15 01:10:33 EDT 2005

Good marketing people tell me:

"Never use platitudes in your pitch-- make sure your competitor(s) 
cannot make the same claim"

Xavier, based on that, I still don't understand your product as it could 
be referencing 100 other products as well.

MisterX wrote:

> There's lots to be done still but the goal remains: idea to GUI and
> information at your fingertips in the increasing more capable and least
> effort possible..

Now, that could be from:

others as well. Doesn't tell me anything.

Here's something that would get me interested:

"TAOO 3D is a native 3D rendering library for Runtime Revolution which 
lets developers create onscreen 3D renderings and installs in seconds. 
No prior knowledge of matrix theory is necessary (IOW, it's easy to 
use;-) Check out our great 5 minute tutorial at"

Then down below you could mention:

The TAOO 3D library is based upon the TAOO open source object model. For 
more information on it, please see:

You see, TAOO by itself, isn't that interesting. It's what you can do 
with it. The well-known problem with middle-ware is it's a product not 
targeted at specific solutions. The fix is to create a solution with it, 
then market the solution. After a few tries, more people will come to 
understand what you're doing (or not), but who cares? As long as they 
use the product.



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