Hello science in TAOO

Dan Shafer revdan at danshafer.com
Fri Oct 14 22:59:28 CDT 2005

Leaving aside for the moment the fact that there's a lot in this demo  
that just doesn't work, the question I'd ask you to answer is: where,  
specifically, is TAOO in all of this? Show me the library (there  
isn't one as far as I can tell) or the code or the objects that  
comprise TAOO and explain how their availability made this project  
easier or better or faster or more reusable.

On Oct 14, 2005, at 11:27 AM, MisterX wrote:

> gals and guys,
> I just can't do a simpler example than this which I prepared long  
> ago, based
> on yahoo encyclopedia data, so maybe this will show TAOO better on a
> meta-flat level (only inter-relational lookups)...
> http://monsieurx.com/hyper/xos/Groups/Science.rev
> 600KBs
> Please see the similarity with Logshark, Discretebrowser (without  
> the index)
> or the TAOO documentation (same stack actually)...
> only the name of the object changes... that's the natural beauty of  
> it in
> "context" with the universe of data you may have...
> it's a way to see science in a limited way... but it already does  
> more than
> a simple hello world (which it can't do simpler than rev)...
> showmsg "hello world" -- requires the taoo download (5000+ script  
> lines) +
> runrev ;)
> Yes, I know some menus may not work... it's made on a pc too in  
> case you
> wondered why it looks busy or pc like... don’t mind the looks or rev
> incompatibilities for crossplatform issues please...
> cheers
> Xavier
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