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Hi Alex

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> xbury.cs at wrote:
> >Did Linus write the help first or the code for linux before people 
> >
> >collaborating with him? Did people ask him "what is it for?"
> >
> > 
> >
> No, first thing he had was an "elevator pitch". In his case, he didn't 
> need to create it specifically as an elevator pitch - but what he had 
> was a simple, 30-50 second description of what he was doing that was 
> understandable to almost any potential collaborator.
> "I'm doing an open-source, freely licensed version of Unix - it will be 
> library and API compatible so all your code, shell scripts and general 
> usage will work on it."
> TAOO doesn't, as far as I know, have that. 

That's the first line on my website!!! also has that as front story...

and there's the documentation...

> I've not managed to get a 
> good "feel" for what TAOO does, or what it would be like to use, or how 
> it would change the everyday tasks to be done in developing an app using 

> TAOO. And I can't go download something and try it out .... which you 
> could do with Linux a long time before it was really "done".

strange i did put out more than one example made with TAOO's parts.
Tried to describe it in few words... 

When i made a documentation stack - nobody found it useful. I said at one 
point that it was an
example - and people still didn't see it... I can't tell you how lost i am 
at that point!

Nor did i ever hear you ask "how it should feel"...

> I suspect that's largely because of the second reason - Linux was an 
> incremental project, that most people became familiar with somewhat 
> early on. TAOO has been going for years, so it's already a big, 
> multi-faceted, multi-tentacled "thing" - and so is much harder to 
> describe. It's difficult (if not impossible) for you to extract a 
> "bite-sized chunk" of it to complete (i.e. get out of beta, release it, 
> maybe even partly document it and thereby attract co-developers and 
> users), because doing so would lose one of its primary current benefits 
> to you, namely its completeness.

And the few examples available in Monsieurx's downloads are "useful" yet 
independent tools
of the whole (they get better with the rest but they work without the 
other tentacles! 

Yet hardly anyone comments or does send feedback... So i dont update to 
get more rants and
less comments - granted but still... 

How should it feel? Faster, more featured - but absolutely non-different! 
GUI-regardless ;)

Thanks for your comments...

Something more about ajax that's interesting business-wise...

>  I wish I could tell you how to resolve that problem, but I'm afraid I 
> can't ....

You have so far! Keep trying... What i really dont get is why some lame
projects get praise while hard-work projects get none...


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