Rev vs. AJAX... Ajax vs TAOO

xbury.cs at xbury.cs at
Fri Oct 14 03:21:01 EDT 2005

The only difference i see between Ajax and TAOO is that Ajax is loaded 
from the web whereas TAOO is running on the disk. Not that TAOO can't be
downloaded, updated online (which is not done yet)... 

So what reproachs there are ni Ajax, Rev makes up for it. I pull that off
the link and info i saw in

What is interesting is how Ajax is ported across different languages like
TAOO! i just wished i knew how to get people intersted in collaborating in
this open source manner and project because so far that seems nearly 
impossible in this rev market... 

Did Linus write the help first or the code for linux before people started 

collaborating with him? Did people ask him "what is it for?"

Maybe this is a taste of what's to come...

But like ajax, if no one helps, rev is not going anywhere fast imoho in 
realm of opensource collaboration or web apps - we all do our thing in our
corner and each does his best (which has been worthy of praise) but still
long term, i dont see it happening in rev...

Xavier - the ugly duck

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