Playing video clips: "mute" the visual, keep the audio?

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Oct 11 04:41:30 EDT 2005

Hi Erik,

> --- Eric Chatonet
> <eric.chatonet at> wrote:
>> Hi Klaus,
>> Unfortunately, play pause, resume, etc. only
>> work with video clips
>> but not with audio clips:
> can you "mute" the visual, keep the audio?

well, i am sure Eric and I could do that, but the engine won't. :-)

BUT maybe one could try to "betray" the engine and simply script:

play VIDEOCLIP "an audiofile actually.aif"

and then

play resume VC "an audiofile actually.aif"

At least worth a try :-)

> Erik Hansen
> erik at


Klaus Major
klaus at

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