Playing audio clips

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Oct 10 10:48:17 CDT 2005

Bonjour Eric,

> Hi Klaus,
> Unfortunately, play pause, resume, etc. only work with video clips  
> but not with audio clips:
> To pause a movie, use the play pause form. Continue playing with  
> play resume. You can move one frame backward or forward with the  
> play step form. If you use one of these commands with a clip that  
> is not currently playing, the result function returns "videoClip is  
> not playing". If the clip is a sound, these forms simply play the  
> sound, ignoring the words "pause", "resume", or "step".

oh, yes, sorry, i should start to read the WHOLE page in the docs :-/

> Then Jim is right :-(

C'est vrai.

I hope that one of the future versions of Rev will finally support
WindowsMedia a TINY bit more ;-)

Using "MCISendString" IS a pain in the ass, right sims?!!! ;-)

> Best Regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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