ALCY (Beginner )> Auto Indentation/ Default font / Tab Pannel / Date functions

Mark Smith mark at
Mon Oct 10 11:45:28 EDT 2005

Actually, a quick perusal of the docs reveals the 'newButton'  
message, sent to the new button when it's created, so you could put  
this in the script of your stack:

on newButton
set the textSize of the target to yourSize
set the textFont of the target to yourFont
end newButton

also see "newField" etc


On 10 Oct 2005, at 15:52, Alcy wrote:

> 2- How can I set the default size of the text and font of new  
> buttons? Looks like the default settings of my preferences is not  
> taken into account for new buttons Text/size properties. At the  
> moment I copy and paste existing buttons but there must be some  
> default settings I have missed somewhere right?

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