Determine active OS langguage

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Wed Oct 5 15:05:46 EDT 2005

On Oct 5, 2005, at 11:33 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:
> It's been a long time since I did this but I think all you need to  
> do is
> grab the last two digits of the language identifier code.  If you  
> look at
> MS's table, you'll see that groups of related languages (such as  
> English)
> all end with the same two digits.  This was all I needed find to  
> determine
> primary language.  Just offering this as an option in case there's  
> any issue
> with your current code.

OK, I see what you are saying.  I am pretty sure the bitAND code is  
working properly and it does return the values listed in the  
Microsoft docs for primary languages.  These basically match the last  
two digits of the language identifiers that you are looking at in  
your code.

Based on the fact that Graham said that the queryRegistry was  
returning empty in the function I posted I think he had some line  
wrap problems with the queryRegistry line.  I imagine there is an  
extra or missing space in the registry key when he tested.

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