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Mike Doub wrote:

>How would you recommend managing setting up the locations of the buttons? 
Depends on whether your app is going to have resizeable windows or not, 
and whether you're going to put it in a scrolling group, and what else 
scrolls, and ....

>Do I just pick an x,y location on the stack and just start making incrementing
>the coordinates?  I guess I need to do some experimenting.
The way I usually start something like this is to create a graphic (just 
a box), and make it be the size (and location) I want to put the fancy 
graphics into. If I want to, I control it through the geometry manager 
(or my own geometry management).  Then I can calculate co-ords for the 
text and boxes relative to that (and even use the size if I decide I 
want to let the individual parts stretch). Then once I can see something 
"done", I might get keep the box as a background, or hide it, or remove 
it and use co-ords from the group instead, or ....

>  I am wondering
>if it is possible to create a group, make it invisible, create all of the
>buttons in the group, set the location of the group, and then make the group
Should be - though the time to create and make visible a few hundred 
buttons shouldn't be huge anyway. And the time to make existing buttons 
visible and/or change their location should be even quicker. (Warning - 
the time to delete them can be surprisingly large - so be wary of 
deleting and recreating them).

In some ways, as a user, I quite like to see something happen - so 
having them appear as you go may be OK. If you prefer not to, use 
lockscreen and unlockscreen to make them all just "appear" at once.

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