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Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Oct 5 11:14:44 EDT 2005

Hi Paul,

> Richard,
> I believe stack "MyData.rev" would have to be open already in order  
> to get fld "Whatever".

no, it doesn't :-)

> Paul Looney
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> > Hi Everyone,
>  > > Often times I have a button switch stacks in order to retrieve  
> data that I > need to complete that button's task. In HyperCard I  
> could lock the screen, lock > the messages, push the card, go to  
> the data stack, retrieve the data, pop the > card and insert the  
> found data. All without displaying the data stack. When I > do the  
> same thing in Revolution it displays the data stack for a flash.  
> Why > does that happen, and how do I stop that data stack from  
> showing?
>  Better still, you don't need to "go" to a stack to retrieve data  
> from it. You can just get it:
>   get fld "Whatever" of cd 200 of stack "MyData.rev"
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