Ontology manager, nifty palettes added to the education gallery

Marielle Lange mlange at lexicall.org
Sat Oct 1 15:48:50 EDT 2005

Dear all,

Added this week in the education gallery:

1. Ontology manager. Very similar to the tree view stack already  
available. The plus is that you can name the relationship between a  
node and its target. In effect, you are creating a textual  
representation of a flowchart graph (anyone to write a program to  
transform this representation into a SVG graph?). RDF and OWL import/ 
export should be added when I start to understand how the specs work  
(who said XML documents were supposed to be readable to both  
computers and humans?)

2. Collapsing Toolbar. The content has now been set to various  
plugins that were in the gallery (palette to ease or speed up object  
alignment, text formatting, object resizing, etc.). A new palette has  
been added that proposes a color palette.  Textual Explanations have  
also been added to help you understand how to best benefit from these  
different palettes.


Marielle Lange (PhD),  Psycholinguist

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