Why isn't Rev more popular?

sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Wed Nov 30 23:38:59 EST 2005

>I'm sure that is a question the RunRev folks would like to have an answer to
>as well. There certainly isn't just one reason and I doubt there is one main
>reason. There's a host of things that make up the answer including:
>1. As a small company, RunRev doesn't have the resources to get the product
>as widely promoted as it could if it were larger.

Speaking of *promotion*...right now, as I write this, I am putting 
some finishing
touches on an announcement web page for the European Rev
Conference in November 2006.

By getting such an early start I hope that my press releases, 
announcement to lists,
and any other means of getting the word out will add more awareness of RunRev
and their products. If anyone has ideas for getting the word out 
about this conference
please get in touch with me off list.

**Early bird pricing will be very attractive**, so please get in 
touch if you are interested
in attending. We've negotiated a great package deal at a hotel for 
conference facilities
and room rates. Meals, rooms, and conference hall in the same 
location means non-stop
Rev talk for two full days!

We had a ball at the 2004 Rev Conference - 2006 will be even better!

More to come soon!


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