Why isn't Rev more popular?

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 23:14:41 EST 2005

I'm sure that is a question the RunRev folks would like to have an answer to
as well. There certainly isn't just one reason and I doubt there is one main
reason. There's a host of things that make up the answer including:

1. As a small company, RunRev doesn't have the resources to get the product
as widely promoted as it could if it were larger.

2. It's not "like" anything conventional professional programmers know about
so trying to explain it in a capsule is very difficult even for those of us
who understand it well.

3. It competes with free languages and tools such as Java, JavaScript,
Python, Perl, PHP, many flavors of C.

4. It's not taught at the university level.

5. It has been widely (mis)perceived as a Mac language, particularly because
of its resemblance in terminology and language syntax to HyperCard.

There are dozens of others.

On 11/30/05, Mark Swindell <mdswindell at charter.net> wrote:
> What is the main reason (if there is such a thing) that Rev is not
> more popular among professional developers/programmers?  It's been
> around awhile now.  People have had a chance to hear about it.  It
> has garnered some awards, at least on the Mac side.  On the face of
> things you'd think it would  be more popular.
> Just curious to hear what people think.
> Mark
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