This is what REALLY SUCKS about whingeing

David Burgun dburgun at
Mon Nov 28 08:39:54 EST 2005

>Second that... I've been using Metacard and RunRev now for 
>what...ten years? can't remember when I switched from Supercard... 
>in that whole time  think I had 4 corrupt stacks. All the work of 
>which (script wise) was easily recovered by simply opening the 
>broken stack in BBEdit and copying out my scripts.

Well I wish I knew what you were doing differently from me! I have 
been using Rev for about 18 months have had at least 8 corruptions! 
However, I started under MacOS 9 and to be honest I haven't seen many 
since I switched to Mac OS X, In fact just 2 I think.

>I think this qualifies as about as  "Rock Solid!" as you can get... 
>and I use Rev intensively, every day... not for commercial apps, but 
>Rev apps drive key in-house applications for Hinduism Today 
>International Magazine and Himalayan Academy Publications.

I agree, once you have got an App to work, then it is rock solid and 
very impressive, it's just these silly problems what cause the 

As I said I am genreally fairly happy with RunRev but:

When it's good it's very good,
But When it's bad it's - WICKED!!!


All the best

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