Constant 'Nonsense' about RR documentation

Frank R frny4x at
Sun Nov 27 15:50:13 EST 2005

Ok, here's my two cents about the state of the docs:
  - The intro videos are well done.  Although, I also had a big give-me-a-break moment when I saw I had to pay $50 to finish watching the videos.  
  - The content of the docs is reasonable.
  - The lack of a complete  User's/Programming  guide, without having to buy some other books, is very poor.
  Yeah, reading reference-like material is do-able for many, but in my view, it's a very big black eye for an otherwise intriguing and powerful product.
  For all the dialog we all just had on the pricing of this product, I'd cite this as an even bigger problem - you Can't expect to grow this product's use/market without the existence of a single, complete  User's/Programming  guide  included.  Lots of tire-kickers will quit early, thinking this thing has to be a nearly-unsupported *toy*  with the docs in their current form.   They'd be making a wrong conclusion, but I can see people making it after taking a quick tour of the docs.

Dan Shafer <revdan at> wrote:  Your feeling is right. I am 60. I don't worry about age. It's a 
proven fact that people who have more birthdays live longer.

Besides, I always heard programming was a young man's game so I 
figure if I keep doing it maybe the Universe will forget my 
chronological age.

And for my feelings about the docs, go to http:// and click on "Views". That way I don't have to 
repeat them here endlessly!

On Nov 27, 2005, at 4:33 AM, Mathewson wrote:

> Although I am a mere 43 (I have a feeling Dan Shafer is
> older)

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