[OT] Handling Returned Virus Mail

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Sun Nov 27 06:33:45 EST 2005

> From Sarah Reichelt

> And I can't resist this one from Xavier:
> > And I thought mac users were not affected by window viruses ;)
> Last week you took a virus warning to be an attack on Windows 
> users, now you seem to be trying to stir up the same debate 
> that you condemned then.

I did? Richmonds comments got me frisked by their complete ignorance. But
it's not for the "I took mistankenly a comment for another" or trying to
stir a debate. Im comdemning the ignorant rethoric about PCs on the list

Then when a PC user makes his pc tool available on the mac after long hours
of testing and scripting sessions only TWO mac users will say anything in 4
weeks time that all the patterns are wrong, the borders don't look good, the
buttons are wrong, the standard buttons are wrong, the hilites are not ok,

This mac attitude of ignoring pc users is really not helping rev or its
community open their minds to the rest of the market available to them. How
can I tell? The number of times others repeat what I just said one way or

Kind of stuff that really makes me want unsubscribe sometimes...


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