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Ken Ray kray at
Sat Nov 26 00:10:25 EST 2005

On 11/25/05 10:27 PM, "Dan Shafer" <revdan at> wrote:

> "People who pay $99 for a development tool expect
> to learn it in a few hours, master it in a few days and hound tech
> support unmercifully at no cost. People who pay $1,000 for a
> development tool take it and their work seriously, understand that it
> requires a significant effort to learn and master, and are not only
> willing to pay for support, they are eager to do so because they
> don't want the company that makes their favorite tool to go out of
> business."

This was the same philosophy espoused by Scott Raney, when he was selling
MetaCard for $999 and nothing else... of course, that was until RunRev
picked it up...


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