How to show up a print dialog box

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Fri Nov 25 01:06:20 EST 2005

On 11/24/05 5:10 PM, Jason - wrote:

> By the way I'm using windows XP, I just can't get the print dialog box to
> come up with these commands.
> Anyone know any other commands I could use to print the images into a
> specified size and show up the printer dialog box?
> ----------------------------------------------------
> I’m trying to print an image to a specified paper size; 8”x10”.
> set the printRotated to true
>   open printing with dialog
>   print stack "Target" into 15,15,400,400
>   close printing 
> but it does not show the print dialog box (so a user can change the paper
> size)
> anyone know how to get it to show the print dialog box and still print into
> the specified coordinates on the paper (and landscape)

Try "answer printer".

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