This is what REALLY SUCKS about RunRev! - was Menubar Help

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Nov 24 14:45:57 EST 2005

On 11/24/05 11:21 AM, "David Burgun" <dburgun at> wrote:

> What Gives? Why is this SUCH a difficult thing to do in RunRev? I
> don't know any other environment where this is SUCH a big deal, I
> could have done this 100 times over in C or even PowerPC assembler!

It's not normally a big deal, but there's obviously something that's going
screwy on your side.

> Getting to the end of a long day and I have to get this working
> tonight! I really don't want to have to tell my boss that I can't do
> this in RunRev and that the support it so bad that you can't even get
> someone to look at it!

Dave, give us a break! Don't forget that this is Thanksgiving Day here in
the US, and so I'm surprised there's anyone on the list to help you at all!
I understand you're frustrated, but get some perspective here...

Now, have you sent your stack to anyone to look at? If not, you can send it
to me and I'll try and figure out what the problem is.

BTW: One thing to check might be the layering order of your menu buttons.
According to the docs:

"For a menu bar to work properly on Mac OS and OS X systems, the menus must
be in layer order within the group. That is, the button for the File menu
must be numbered 1, the button for the Edit menu must be 2, and so on."

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