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Pierre Sahores psahores at easynet.fr
Thu Nov 24 00:44:35 EST 2005

AFAIK, the RunRev Team marketing and sales focus is mainly set on the  
DreamCard and Rev Studio products lines. On the other hand, the  
RunRev consulting and service departement can provide, in case of  
special needs, professional grade development and solutions about  
evry thing that can be build in using Revolution Entreprise, Web  
Applications included.

As is, the Rev Studio and Entreprise editions are full featured to  
let us build first class web applications servers, rich media web and  
propetary client-side solutions or web-services interconnectors. All  
choices are open : We can build professional grade rock-solid rev  
powered web applications, we can ask RunRev to provide such  
solutions, we can ask to some companies, there around, a cotation  
about what would cost a special need "n-tier" solution developped on  
top of Rev.

Hope this can help.

Le 23 nov. 05 à 21:11, Frank R a écrit :

> Has the company ever spoken about any plans for using this -  
> extremely interesting - development platform for web app development?
>   Frank
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