selectedChunk in MAC and Windows

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 23 05:43:07 CST 2005

paolo mazza wrote:
> Referring to the selectedChunk property, I  noticed there is a different
> behaviour in Mac and Windows.
> Try this:
> After selecting  a word in a text field  
> if I  press a button with  "put the selectedChunk" 
> in MAC it returs "char 1 to 9 of field 1"
> in windows it returns empty
> The poin is that in MAC it keeps the selection after pressing the button,
> in windows no.
> Is it a bug or what? I transferd exactly the same stack.

Windows provides navigation of all control with the keyboard.  By 
default, most button stypes of their traversalOn property set to true, 
which governs if the control can be traversed with the keyboard (most 
commonly via the Tab key).

The problem you're experiencing is that when you press the button it 
also gets keyboard focus, which takes away the focus from the field.

If you turn off the traversalOn property of the button you should be in 
good shape.

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