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Marielle Lange mlange at
Wed Nov 23 04:15:50 CST 2005

Hi Ben,

Another researcher here. This is not a very difficult problem to  
solve with revolution. How much time can you spend on this?
If at least 3 months, go ahead, you should be able to get it done and  
you will greatly benefit from having learned the basic of  
programming. My experience is that 2-3 months of summer project is  
enough for resourceful master students with limited programming  
experience to learn enough of revolution to realize an application of  
that level of complexity.

If less than 2 months, then it may be best to use software designed  
for this kind of task. You will find a list of such software at:
page=softw_runningExperiments>. Check out dmdx (pc) and psyscript  
(mac), in particular. Both are freeware.


> Hello, complete newbie here.  I purchased Revolution Studio for  
> creating an application to use in my doctoral dissertation.  This  
> is a research project, not a commercial project.  I have a limited  
> time to make things work.  Trying to figure things out on my own,  
> and making slow progress.  I have no programming experience.
> Here are the simplified objectives for a standalone application to  
> be individually administered to research participants.
> 1. I have a series of .mpg files ~ 60 sec in duration that I want  
> my participants to view, with no input from them needed.
> 2.  The participants will complete a series of different  
> questionnaires that I will need to present in Revolution, and input  
> their "yes-no" answers on the screen using a mouse.
> 3.  I want their answers to be stored for each individual so that I  
> can place the answers in a statistical spreadsheet.  If I can get  
> the answers to Excel, that will be all I need to get them where I  
> need them, but the destination is a Windows stats package, SPSS.  I  
> know what a database is, but have never worked with one.
> I think my needs are simple, but there is a foundation needed that  
> I simply don't yet have.  I am looking for similar applications  
> that I might borrow from to make this project work, but I will  
> cheerfully accept any suggestions or advice, to help me distinguish  
> my ass from a teakettle in this new landscape.  I am still working  
> thru the video tutorials that came with my Studio disk.
> My email is benbock at<mailto:benbock at>
> Thank you for any help in this,


Marielle Lange (PhD),  Psycholinguist

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