Polling Search Engines

Martin Baxter mb.ur at harbourhost.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 04:04:19 EST 2005

Marty Knapp wrote:
> Is it possible from within Rev to poll search engines for data? I do a 
> lot of keyword research and would like to automate getting the first 
> page of search results along with the Google Page Rank and the number of 
> links (stuff you can get from the Google tool bar). I know (and use) 
> various tools to do this, but being a do-it-yourself guy I'd like to 
> make one tool that works the way I like, and to automate repetitive tasks.
> Is there a good tutorial out there that would help me get a grasp on how 
> Rev can intereact with web pages?
> Secondly, when I set up an "Option" style menu it works fine on my Mac, 
> but is truncated (when clicked) to the width of the button on my PC. Any 
> clues? (Using Rev 2.2.1)
> Thank you,
> Marty Knapp

You could see:


for how to sign up for a developer key for the Google APIs. Last I heard 
you get 1000 queries per day, each of which may return max 10 results.

I wouldn't call it easy to use though.

Martin Baxter

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