Object Orientation in arrays

xavier.bury at clearstream.com xavier.bury at clearstream.com
Tue Nov 22 08:27:29 EST 2005


that's very interesting... 

You are kind of confirming my need for multiple tables - a sort of linked 
list approach along with
relational lookups/indexes.

The thing is i dont want to convert stream/ xml file to be parsed to 
memory to db to memory to xml
file or other formats... 

This is still an experiment. The trick would be to handle XUL realtime in 
rev GUI for example.

After xul, web services, ajax or other models would be much easier... 

Im sure that for long long lists of objects a database like Valentina 
would be great... But in a real
time situation, im not sure it's going to be the fastest way to handle 
either conversion of xul to rev

or is it?


use-revolution-bounces at lists.runrev.com wrote on 22/11/2005 13:49:31:

> On 11/22/05 2:08 PM, "David Bovill" <david at openpartnership.net> wrote:
> Hi David,
> >> BTW, i did try xml into an array, and the problem is still parsing 
> >> Parsing Arrays is much more efficient...
> > 
> > Yes - would be a problem for large documents - but XUL and web
> > services are not that large? For anything larger I guess the only
> > choice is a database - Valentina comes to mind due to its clean
> > object-relational mapping? Maybe Ruslan can give some pointers?
> Do you talk about mapping of XML document into database ?
> A lots issues here can be raised.
> > However in general, as I am not strong in database design, I do not
> > know how to structure such dbs with variable nesting - for these
> > reasons I like to shift anything that complex to the domain of open
> > source projects that have spent years tackling it and call them with
> > web services?
> Any nested level of XML can be simulated on self-recursive table.
> Generally speaking any XML document can be stored into SINGLE 
> table. 
> Also it is possible to use 2 tables for this, to make things little more
> clean.
> And of course it is possible use more than 2 tables to get more and more
> specific entities.
> ---------
> FYI, we have realize that Valentina with its Object-Relational model is
> perfect for XML work. This have point one my friend, that is teacher in
> university. He say that we must add into Valentina support of XQuery, 
> DAV, HTTP, ...
> I have read many articles about Xquery already, and I start to love this
> idea. SQL is language of Relational model.
> Valentina 2 implements not only Relational model, but Navigational 
> I'd say Extended Navigational model (because it can work with sets of
> records). 
> It is well known, that Navigational model did not have language like 
> which can in text form express queries to REMOTE server. Now Valentina 
> great gift -- Xquery standard is almost done. So we going join Xquery 
> our Navigational model.
> For those who wonder. Xquery for example, have ORDER of items:
>         before, after
> which do not support SQL. And this is nature of Navigational model.
> Well, as I have told, a lots of issues can be discussed here.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Ruslan Zasukhin
> VP Engineering and New Technology
> Paradigma Software, Inc
> Valentina - Joining Worlds of Information
> http://www.paradigmasoft.com
> [I feel the need: the need for speed]

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