Printing Question

Tom Cole tom.cole at
Sat Nov 19 12:02:04 EST 2005

In my software, students take a test, and the results are put in a 
variable which is put in a field to print.

I have the following script and one of the printers at work prints the 
first page nicely but the next page has the last test item from the 
first page and then prints double over most of everything. Is this 
script all right? It prints perfectly from my mac and from xp machines 
in our lab, but one of the printers in the office has this problem. Is 
it just a weird printer or am I doing something wrong that makes the 
first page okay and the second one a mess?

Perhaps someone has seen this kind of thing. I want it to print 
perfectly on any printer and can't see why it doesn't.

     if it is "print now" then
       put test into cd fld "printfield"
       revPrintField the name of cd field "printfield"
     end if

Thanks very much,
Tom in Arizona

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