Cmd-A doesn't work from Keyboard in Standalone

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at
Fri Nov 18 21:47:32 EST 2005

For the test stack I just pulled a Scrolling List Field straight from  
the tools palette. So List Behavior is true; multipleHilites is  
false; traversalOn is true. I see that the lockText is also true,  
which seems interesting. If you pull what you call "a regular list  
field" from the Tools palette, is that property false? If you have no  
commandKey handler at all, doesn't cmd-A select all the lines in the  

Charles Hartman

On Nov 18, 2005, at 9:37 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>> I can confirm Charles' results with 10.4.3 & Revoloution - so it's  
>> not
>> just a DreamCard thing. If I suspend the development tools it works
>> fine, so it's either Rev itself or some plugin, that is intercepting
>> the Command-A. However it is a mystery why it does it in 10.4 and not
>> in 10.3
>> Sarah
> I can confirm Ken's results with 10.3.9. But -- what kind of list  
> field are we talking about? When I set up a regular list field  
> without multiple selections allowed, I can't select all the lines  
> anyway no matter what. Could the list field settings be the  
> difference? Charles, what are the settings for listBehavior,  
> multipleHilites, traversalOn, locktext, etc.?

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