Signatures and quoting

Sean Shao shaosean at
Thu Nov 17 14:47:25 EST 2005

No disrespect intended Xavier, but your reply to my message is a perfect 
example of what I'm talking about. It had the message headers, the stupid 
Hotmail signature and the mailing-list signature quoted.

I'm on the digest mode because there are many topics mentioned on the list 
aren't really something I'm interested (mind you there are more interesting 
topics than not), but with all the "garbage" in posted in the message it 
makes it very difficult to be able to scan through and find interesting 
tid-bits of knowledge and snippets of code (somedays I just look at the 
subject list and hit delete).. I wasn't on the digest and I received 40 
emails a day that were basically bandwidth wasters I'd probably cancel my 
subscription to the list.

Now if only email clients were smart enough to strip the signatures like 
they're supposed to ;-)

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