open with on windows does not work with rev. Heeeeeelp :-)

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Nov 17 06:09:13 EST 2005

On 11/17/05, xavier.bury at <xavier.bury at> wrote:
> it's actually much simpler than what's been described...
> open a command box and type the following
> assoc .rev ! this outputs the current association
>   ASSOC .rev=RunRevFile
>   FTYPE RunRevFile=D:\Metacard\mc.exe "%1"
> assoc .rev=RunRevFile
> assoc mc=RunRevFile
> assoc hc=RunRevFile
> double click a rev file and hop it works!
> The real issue though is that the installer doesn't create those
> associations when you install rev!
> So reinstalling rev wont fix the problem.

Sorry, but to someone who is not familiar with DOS/Windows, there is
no way this could possibly be simpler than the previous suggestions.
You give no indication of what is the output from the first command
and what is supposed to be typed in. Even with the first command, I am
left wondering whether to type the exclamation mark or whether it is
just a comment marker.

BTW, is is really necessary to attach such a long sig to every one of
your emails to this list? I find it irritating and I get the messages
individually. The people who get the digest must find it a major
inconvenience. If your employer insists on such a sig, perhaps you
could use a non-work email address for this list?


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