open with on windows does not work with rev. Heeeeeelp :-)

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed Nov 16 20:03:17 EST 2005

> So I doubleclicked on the plugin (has a .rev extension) and windows asked me
> what application I wanted to use. Since rev was not in the list, I clicked
> browse to go to the rev 2.6 folder and clicked on revolution.exe.
> I then clicked open and then OK. Oooooops. Windows XP did not recognise
> revolution.exe and set all the files with a .rev extension to firefox. :-(
> I tried going to the individual properties and diong it that way but still
> no luck. Windows does not recognise revolution as an app to associate
> fieltypes with.

I can't help, but I can confirm this except that in my case, Windows
insists on using WinRAR to boot my .rev stacks. When I choose "Open
with..." I get a list that does not include Revolution, so I choose
Browse and go and find the Revolution.exe. After finding it, it still
doesn't appear in the list, so I can't select it and I can't tell
Windows to use it for all .rev files.

I assumed it was just me as I am not a Windows person, but maybe it is
Rev. Should I try re-installing? I uninstalled WinRAR but that didn't


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