The Disappearing Desktop - It's Real This Time

Ken Ray kray at
Mon Nov 14 14:23:24 EST 2005

On 11/14/05 9:58 AM, "Rob Cozens" <rcozens at> wrote:

> Ken, et al:
>> Personally my feeling is that this *could be* the wave of the future, and so
>> we should be keeping close tabs on it as the future pans out, and for those
>> of us that see this as more inevitable, I'd suggest finding a good niche to
>> add value. And for those us that see this as more "flavor of the week", we
>> can at least be cognizant of the technology and watch closely how it
>> progresses.
> Wave of the future or flavor of the week?  Here's a question to help
> you decide:

That was my point - it's too early to make any kind of decision.
> How comfortable would you feel if all your Revolution source code and
> stack components were stored on somebody else's computer at some site
> remote from you?

The same way I feel that all my web site source code and components are
stored on someone else's computer at some site remote from me... I'm fine
with it so long as I have direct access to it and can keep a backup in case
the server goes down.

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