Corrupt .rev file?

Erin D. Smale esmale at
Sat Nov 12 21:34:45 EST 2005

Actually, I never got a chance to build the stack as a standalone. 
Before the
problem, here's what was going on:

1. Added this to the mainStack script:
   on preOpenStack
     -- Grab the commands from the Scores button
     insert the script of button "btnScores" into front
     -- commands from the "btnScores" script
     clearAll (STR)
     clearAll (DEX)
     clearAll (INT)
     clearAll (WIL)
     -- Disable the Reroll button
     set the enabled of button "btnReroll" to false
   end preOpenStack
2. Switched to run mode; all behaved as expected.
3. Selected File -> Standalone Application Settings (nothing happened)

Based on your response, I'm now thinking of a couple possibilities (?). The
first is that I made an oops with the preOpenStack. The second is that I 
recall if I switched back to Edit mode before trying the Standalone 

Either way, as you state, the stack runs fine in Dreamcard, so 
everything seems
intact. Apparently, it's just not getting along with the IDE.


Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Your description above says that the stack even worked fine in Rev 
> until you selected the "Standalone Application Settings" item.  So it 
> seems the stack is fine there too, the problem being something with 
> the Standalone Applications Settings stack or mode.

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