Distribute objects

xavier.bury at clearstream.com xavier.bury at clearstream.com
Thu Nov 10 04:08:52 EST 2005

Here's one from GIM, my Geometry Interface Manager library (used in TAOO)
I stripped the non-related statements.

Funny, i had just adjusted it a couple of days earlier ;)

on DistributeWidthsTo objs,tObj
  local t, tdiv, startx, stopx
  put the width of tObj into t
    put (t-Delta) div (the number of lines in objs) into tdiv
    put the left of tObj+Delta into startx
    --put 8 into startx
    put the right of tObj into stopx

  repeat for each line l in objs
      set the width of l to (tdiv - Delta)
      set the left of l to startx
      add tdiv to startx
    catch err
      if "taoodebug" is in the stacks then TAOODebugAddLogEntry l & cr & 
     else answer "Error in DistributeWidthsTo execution:" && err -- 
replace with answer or put into msg if no taoo debug stack
    end try
  end repeat
end DistributeWidthsTo

to use it...

on resizestack
  -- distribute buttons
  put the long name of btn "script" of me & cr & \
      the long name of btn "start" of me & cr & \
      the long name of btn "help" of me & cr & \
      the long name of btn "save" of me & cr & \
      the long name of btn "close" of me into objs
  DistributeWidthsTo objs, the long name of me
 end resizestack


> Has anyone got a button script to distribute equally (horizontally 
> or vertically) the space between a bunch of selected objects? I miss
> this from SuperCard. Thanks.
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