Your quarterly reminder about Open Directory

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 9 11:49:16 CST 2005

This is your quarterly Open Directory reminder:

Open Directory maintains a category for Transcript:

Of the many dozens of web sites offering Transcript-based plugins,
tutorials, tools, and more, only 26 have been posted there to date.

Open Directory is the world's largest human-edited directory, mirrored
at thousands of sites around the world and feeding the search engines of
Google, Yahoo, and most others.

Adding your listing there will not only help others find your stuff more
easily, but will also reflect well on the community as a whole by
letting folks know it's true size.

At the top of that page is a link titled "Suggest URL" - their
submission form only has four fields so it's a breeze to fill out:

- Site URL
- Title of Site
- Site Description
- Your E-mail Address

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